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An Irish Regency Ormolu-mounted mahogany revolving three-tier cabinet with the maker’s label by Mack, Williams & Gibton.

Information about and photographs of labeled or stamped nineteenth-century Irish furniture is being sought for publication in a companion volume to a new survey of Irish cabinetmakers.

The author wishes to illustrate a wide variety of furniture by Irish cabinetmakers including Eggleso, Kirchoffer, Murray, Gillington, Strahan, Jones, Scott, and Pasley, and carvers Kearney, Del Vecchio, and De Groot. Examples of furniture sold at auction from Ballyfin House, county Laois in 1923 (including a massive mahogany serving table supported by carved eagles and a later matching pair sold at Christie’s in 1998), dining room furniture sold at Ballynegall, county Westmeath in 1964, and a center table sold at Christie’s in 1998 are being sought. Both Ballyfin and Ballynegall were furnished by the Dublin firm of Mack, Williams and Gibton (1812-1829).

Please forward information or photographs of labels and stamped Irish furniture to:
Angela Alexander
4 Sunbury Gardens
Dublin 6
E-mail angela-alexander@hotmail.com

Maker’s label by Mack, Williams & Gibton.