Day Trip Scrapbook: Hudson Valley Sunday

Gregory Cerio Living with Antiques

Look at some photos from our recent jaunt in the Hudson Valley

On June 11th, the editor and publishers of The Magazine ANTIQUES led a tour group on a day excursion to a few of our favorite spots in the Hudson Valley. We started the day at Edgewater, an 1825 neoclassical jewel box of a mansion on the banks of the river, guests of the esteemed preservationist Richard H. Jenrette.

Next, we visited Abby Aldrich Rockefeller’s stunning Churchtown Dairy, where Kam Bellamy and Rick Anderson instructed us in the ways of a biodynamic farm. After taking a break there for lunch, we were on to Hudson Hall, where co-director Gary Schiro led us through the old opera house with his accustomed brio.

Tour group members mill around the portico on the Western façade—the Hudson River side—of Edgewater, the 1825 house owned by historic preservationist Richard H. Jenrette. Photograph by Sophia Tzelepis.

Following a couple of hours set aside for shopping at the antiques shops on and off Warren Street in Hudson, we reconvened for cocktails (courtesy of Harvest Spirits), wine, and hors d’oeuvres at the Inn at Hudson, an ornately-paneled 1906 mansion that is now a boutique B-and-B. We were having so much fun we forgot to take photos at the Inn (we borrowed some for our scrapbook), but that was the measure of the day: a good time was truly had by all.

We’ll do this again soon.


Edgewater’s wisteria-covered East façade. Photograph by David Kesselman.

The entry door to Edgewater. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

The Red Room at Edgewater features a portrait of Susan Gaston Donaldson (1808–1866)—the second mistress of the estate—painted by George Cooke. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

A view of the river. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

The neoclassical poolhouse and tempting swimming pool. Our genial, knowledgeable guide, Arthur Carlson, stands at left. Photograph by Gregory Cerio.

Up the garden path and on to the next stop. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller’s Churchtown Dairy. Photograph courtesy Churchtown Dairy.

Rick Anderson (at right) explains the ways and means of a biodynamic farm. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

The wonderful roof of the dairy’s round barn, with star and sawtooth patterns formed by inset plexiglass panels. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

Cow inspection. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

The exterior of the round barn, with ventilation panels open. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

A crop of calendula, grown at the dairy for its medicinal properties. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

A fried chicken boxed lunch at the dairy, prepared—along with one vegetarian meal—by Talbott & Arding of Hudson, New York. Photograph by Gregory Cerio.

The recently restored 1855 Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House. Photograph courtesy Hudson Hall.

Old-time opera house seats. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

Taking a closer look at the gold-leafed and stenciled proscenium. Photograph by Don Sparacin.

The façade of the 1906 Dutch-Jacobean mansion now known as the Inn at Hudson. Photograph courtesy the Inn at Hudson.

The Inn at Hudson’s foyer. Photograph courtesy the Inn at Hudson.

The dining room. Photograph courtesy the Inn at Hudson.

The library. Photograph courtesy the Inn at Hudson.