Openings and Closings: November 25 to December 1

Elizabeth Lanza Exhibitions

Poindexter Village Ragmud Collection by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson (1940–2015), 1987. Estate of the Artist; courtesy of Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio

On November 21, the Columbus Museum of Art opened an exhibition entitled Raggin’ On: The Art of Aminah Robinson’s House and Journals. After Robinson’s passing in 2015, the artist and writer left nearly her entire collection to the Columbus Museum of Art including seven decades worth of her art and journals as well as furnishings, books, photos, and other ephemera from her home. This must-see exhibition will allow visitors to explore the life and artistic processes of Robinson. In order to check out this exhibition in person, make sure that you look here in order to reserve your timed tickets in advance.

Central Park, Winter. The Skating Pond by Charles Parsons (1821–1910), 1862. Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska.

Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska

This past Saturday was a busy one for new exhibitions at the Joslyn Art Museum, and chief among them was Revisiting America: The Prints of Currier and Ives. Showcasing the works from a 2016 donation to the museum, the Joslyn Art Museum is now home to nearly 600 Currier and Ives lithographs. Now, as one of the largest public collections of work produced by the historic nineteenth-century printmaking company, the museum gives visitors contemporary insight into the social, political, and industrial make-up of the United States. Themed sections of the exhibition such as Sails, Steam, and Speed and America in War and Peace ensures that every visitor will see something that is to their liking. Although you might be taking a vacation, safety does not. So, make sure that you check here before you go in order to reserve your timed ticket in advance.

Exterior of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; photograph by Peter Molick.

Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

On November 21, the Museum of Fine Arts opened the new Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, a structure after nearly a decade of expansion. A beautiful example of modern architecture, the building will be home to several “Inaugural Installations” celebrating the museum’s collections of modern and contemporary art. From exhibitions such as Color into Light and LOL! the museum promises a stunning future. If you’re making a trip to the museum, make sure that you check here in order to plan your visit in advance.

Portrait of gallerist by Barry X Ball (b. 1955), 2009. Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas.

Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas

After a turbulent year for many museums, the Nasher Sculpture Center is gearing up to say goodbye to an exhibition that made it through the year intact. This exhibition is entitled Barry X Ball: Remaking Sculpture. The artist creates sculptures out of rare and delicate stones such as Belgian black marble and Iranian onyx, carving stunning busts of himself and others, as well as reimagining classical and modernist works—all with the aid of state-of-the-art machines and techniques. The pieces in the exhibition are truly modern masterpieces. In order to see the sculptures in person, make sure that you check here in order to organize your trip beforehand.

View of the Bronx by Jan Matulka (1890–1972), c. 1920. Helicline Fine Art, New York, New York.

Helicline Fine Art, New York, New York

If you’d prefer to view some exhibitions from the comfort of your home, Helicline Fine Art offers visitors this opportunity through their new digital show CITYSCAPES. Featuring more than two dozen paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the early to mid-twentieth century, the exhibition gives visitors a look into modernist depictions of the growing urban environment. If, however, you’d like to see this exhibition in person, check here to make an appointment at their midtown Manhattan gallery.

Plume by Sarah McRae Morton, 2020. Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville, Delaware.

Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville, Delaware

The Somerville Manning Gallery opened an artist’s self-titled exhibition Sarah McRae Morton on November 20. Morton’s gauzy, dreamlike paintings in this solo show include portraits of ancestors, historical figures, the faces of those she has seen in passing. Characterized by ethereal figures, earthy tones, and experimental movement, this exhibition is a must-see. In order to view Morton’s work up close, make sure that you check here to plan your trip in advance. Don’t wait too long either as the exhibition closes on December 19.