Curator’s Choice: A tour of TAAS with Stacy C. Hollander

Editorial Staff Opinion

A visit to the American Antiques Show (also known as TAAS) at the Metropolitan Pavilion is always filled with discovery, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to join a special tour of the show with Stacy C. Hollander, the American Folk Art Museum‘s senior curator and director of exhibitions. This year’s new layout designed by Ned Jalbert, which tossed aside rigid aisles and allows for more open space and meandering sight lines, was a perfect complement to Hollander’s tour, which made ready juxtapositions among the booths and picked up recurring themes across the widely varied art on view, relying on natural serendipity. Hollander quickly identified one important trend at this year’s show and that is portraiture. Some of these highlights, including portraits by Rufus Hathaway and Drossos Skyllas, are included in the slideshow below and offer a taste of why TAAS, which runs through Sunday, shouldn’t be missed.