Editor’s Letter–November/December 2019

Gregory Cerio Opinion

Last autumn in this space I wrote about some of the younger folks I have been pleased and heartened to meet in the course of my work—still in their twenties and with a deep, abiding interest in the fine and decorative arts and architecture of the past.

Capture the Flag

Glenn Adamson Opinion

We hadn’t heard much about Betsy Ross for—oh, about forty years or so. At the time of the Bicentennial, she was the most famous woman in American history, a figurative mother of the country who “gave birth to our collective symbol.”

A Stitch in Time

Glenn Adamson Opinion

Imagine this: you’ve gotten hold of an antique quilt, perhaps 150 years old. It’s in pristine condition. It has an attractive pattern—a classic wedding ring, say, or log cabin, or even a crazy quilt. It is probably not the sort of object a museum would want, but it preserves a rich history all the same, of its maker, the family that retained it, and the craft itself.