Women’s work at Hawthorne Fine Art

Gregory Cerio Exhibitions

As the cultural tides seem finally to be lifting women artists into prominence on par with their male counterparts, more and more are emerging into public view. Several museums and galleries are presenting women artist- Hawthorne Fine Art focused shows, and one of these is at Hawthorne Fine Art in New York, where you can find the selling exhibition Breaking All Bounds: American Women Artists (1825–1945).

Downsizing at the International Fine Art Fair

Editorial Staff Art

The biggest thing about this year’s International Fine Art Fair (May 1 – 5) was the grand arrangement of cherry blossoms and white lilies flanking the entry to the Armory Drill Hall. Inside there were fewer exhibitors—thirty-nine down from sixty last year. But size and quantity are not the measure of anything when it comes to fine art, and as …