COVER: Detail of an intarsia quilt with soldiers and musicians, Prussian, c. 1760s–1780s. Annette Gero Collection; photograph by Tim Connolly, Shoot Studios.

Editor’s letter

Critical thinking / Difficult issues

Knocking it off
Glenn Adamson

Current and coming

New light

A gift from the czar and a puzzle solved
Timothy Adams

On books

James Gardner


Katherine Lanza


Eleanor H. Gustafson




Arts & letters

A new exhibition explores the affinities between the work of Henry James and the American painting of his time
Elizabeth Pochoda

Thoroughly modern Moses

What did Grandma Moses have in common with the likes of Jackson Pollock? Arguably, plenty
Jamie Franklin

Acquisitions & mergers

The Craft and Folk Art Museum in LA is the latest showcase for the powerful work of assemblage artist Betye Saar
Michael Slenske

A stitch in wartime

The American Folk Art Museum in New York presents a fascinating collection of quilts made by men at arms
Stacy C. Hollander and Annette Gero

Charmed circle

A new exhibition at the Gug­genheim examines the supernatural symbolist artists of late nineteenth­century France
James Gardner

Living with Antiques Ceramics dynamic

The only thing more remarkable than John Bullard’s studio pot­tery collection is how quickly he became a connoisseur
Chris Waddington,
with photography by Chris Granger

A little off-center

The estimable outsider art collection of Audrey Heckler
David Ebony