Magazine January/February 2023


On the cover: Philadelphia mahogany desk by Leonard Kessler (1737–1804), 1773. Photograph by Gavin Ashworth.

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Art Deco in Jamaica

The richly elegant furniture designs of Burnett Webster
Henry Haye

Shadowy Figures

On the art of Ugo Mochi and other past masters of the animal silhouette
William McCracken Peck

The Finest Piece of Walnut Furniture of its Type

An excerpt from the new book English Furniture 1680–1760, The Percival D. Griffiths Collection examines the famed Dickinson desk and bookcase
Christian Jussel and William DeGregorio

A Venetian Master Reconsidered

An exhibition at the National Gallery of Art casts new light on Renaissance artist Vittore Carpaccio
James Gardner

An Arts and Crafts Arcadia

A visit to William Morris’s newly restored country home in Oxfordshire, Kelmscott Manor
Barrymore Laurence Scherer

Clay, Commerce, and a Free Man of Color

An important new exhibition traces the life and work of Thomas W. Commeraw, free Black potter of early New York
Mark Shapiro

Living with Antiques: A Labor of Love

Restoring the Daniel Hiester house, an eighteenth-century Pennsylvania gem
Lisa Minardi with photography by Gavin Ashworth and Michael E. Myers