Editor's Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

Current and Coming

Homage Anew for Doris Lee at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Gran Elegancia in Dallas, and more

Digital Doings

A New Arrow in Our Quiver
Sammy Dalati

Connoisseur's Eye

“Cloud at sunrise . . . iridescent vapor.” The very best of Van Briggle pottery (Part One)
Joseph Cunningham

Built Environment

The Central Park Bandshell Fine-Tuned
James Gardner

Object Lesson

The Revisionist Prints of William Baillie
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

In Memoriam


Elizabeth Lanza


After the Fire: Notes on Notre-Dame
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: Apple Tree and Grindstone by Julius John Lankes (1884–1960), 1923. Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire, Rauner Special Collections Library, Julius John Lankes Papers; image courtesy of the Bennington Museum, Vermont.

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The Woman Who was Victory

. . . and Liberty, Grief, and the Spirit of Life: Meet Hettie Anderson, a woman of color who was one of the most sought-after artists’ models of the turn of the twentieth century

Eve M. Kahn

Dressed for Success

The evolution of artistic recognition and appreciation for early American miniaturists Mary Way and Betsey Way Champlain

Brian Ehrlich

Echoes of the Dance

A monumental nineteenth-century painting of a Native American ceremony is the centerpiece for an examination of a still-resonant cross-cultural encounter in California

Elizabeth Kornhauser and Shannon Vittoria

Faces of the Medici

The Met examines court portraiture in a time of strife for a powerful Italian Renaissance dynasty

James Gardner

Frost and Friends: “A Coincidence of Taste”

The Bennington Museum explores the artistic circle surrounding poet Robert Frost during his years in southern Vermont

Jamie Franklin

Civilizing the Goths

An exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum examines the artful modern Gothic furniture of the nineteenth-century New York firm Kimbel and Cabus

Barrymore Laurence Scherer