Editor's Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

Living Color
Glenn Adamson

Current and Coming

Making waves at the Peabody Essex Museum, the art of joy at the High, resurrecting Bob Thompson in Maine, and more

Farther Afield

Art Therapy: All About the Art Brut Center Gugging
Kylie Ryu

Curious Objects

Wartime craft in Milwaukee and O'Keeffe flora on our Curious Objects podcast
Sammy Dalati

Museum Visit

Object Lesson

The Warp, Weft, What and Why of Navajo Weavings
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

Field Trip

Return of the Native: How Maine celebrates the art of an eccentric son of its soil, Bernard Langlais
Brian Allen


Elizabeth Lanza


Movers and Shakers
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: Detail of polo player weathervane, possibly Maryland, 1875–1900. Collection of Susan and Jerry Lauren; photograph by Adam Reich.

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Portraits, Purpose, and Perceptions

Early American folk artists Ruth W. Shute and Samuel A. Shute

Suzanne Rudnick Payne and Michael R. Payne

Fast Friends

A collection of antique Americana in a contemporary Pennsylvania house demonstrates once again the affinity between folk art and modern design

Jorge S. Arango

Bringing the Art of the People to Boston

An exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art offers a reappraisal of the institution's foundational folk art collection

Nonie Gadsden, Tess Lukey, and Sloane Awtrey

Face to Face

A regional museum in western Maryland revisits the work of the early American portraitist Joshua Johnson

Thomas Connors

Freake Out

An art historian posits the identity of one of the most famous limners of Puritan New England

Henry Adams