Magazine Jan/Feb 2022


Editor's Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

No Laughing Matter
Glenn Adamson

Talking Antiques

Exhibitors at New York’s Winter Show describe some of the exceptional offerings that they will bring to this year’s edition at the Park Avenue Armory

Current and Coming

Van Gogh exhibitions in Ohio and Texas, a soulful acquisition by the Toledo Museum goes on view, photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard in the wild, and more

Digital Doings

Rockefeller vs. Rivera, plus Pedigreed Silver
Sammy Dalati

Personal Space

Collecting Florida: How a couple built—and later donated—a museum-worthy art collection (with a tiny bit of help from The Magazine ANTIQUES)
Henry Adams

Museum Visit

New York’s Merchant House Museum: A slice of nineteenth-century upper-class life on the Lower East Side
Sharon Twickler

On Books

Lover’s Eyes: Eye Miniatures from the Skier Collection
Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser

Artist Profile

Conjuring a Creole Past: The paintings of Andrew LaMar Hopkins blend romanticized cultural history with a scholarly eye for art and antiques
John Berendt

Object Lesson

Looking at the Past through a Lens of Antique Glass: How small, insignificant-seeming things have important stories to tell
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

Further Reading

Notable museum catalogues and other books from the past year
Elizabeth Lanza


Elizabeth Lanza


At ANTIQUES, Collegiality Forged by J. R. Ewing and Twizzlers
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: The Magazine Antiques: The First One Hundred Years by Andrew Lamar Hopkins. Photograph by Alister Alexander/Camerarts, NY, courtesy of the artist.

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ANTIQUES in the Beginning

Part I: A profile of founding editor Homer Eaton Keyes

Elizabeth Stillinger

Living Large

What our most popular feature series, “Living with Antiques,” tells us about time, taste, and our mercurial rapport with the material realm

Laura Beach

ANTIQUES in the Modern World

A personal journey through a watershed year, 1922

Elizabeth Pochoda

Toasts and Testimonials

On the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of our magazine’s founding, curators and scholars, members of the art and antiques trade, collectors, and other readers sent us tributes, memories, comments, and reflections

The Eyes Have It

A young antiques dealer and his peers offer their vision for the future of the trade

Adam Irish

Selections from 100 years of ANTIQUES covers

Winter edition

The Onteora Club

At the northern end of the Catskills sits a mountainside social enclave with a peerless artistic and literary pedigree

Jane Curley with photographs by Pieter Estersohn

Women and the Art of the People

As the American Folk Art Museum enters its seventh decade, a salute to the women who made the institution and its collection great

Eileen M. Smiles

Huey, Dewey, and Louis XV

A current exhibition explores the ways the French decorative arts of the ancien régime shaped the animated world of Walt Disney

James Gardner

Renovated Gowns and Counterfeit Corsets

An excerpt from a new book about fashion in the Gilded Age explores the underworld and afterlife of French couture in the United States

Elizabeth L. Block

Arms and the Man

The story of the Worcester Art Museum’s Higgins Arms and Armor Collection, as it embarks on a national tour

Barrymore Laurence Scherer

Underground Modernist

A current exhibition explores the work of E. McKnight Kauffer, whose graphic designs for everything from British rail to book covers brought a dazzling verve to the art of advertisement

Caitlin Condell and Emily M. Orr