Shop Talk: Adventures in American Art

Betty Krulik, Debra Force, Richard Rossello, Lou Salerno, Bernard Goldberg, Katherine Degn, Howard Godel, Eric Baumgartner Art

Dealers describe exciting episodes and exhilarating occasions from their time in the trade.

Painters of the Hudson River school

Editorial Staff Art

By FREDERICK A. SWEET; from The Magazine ANTIQUES, March 1945. Toward the end of the nineteenth century America’s art collectors were captivated by French taste and filled their gilt drawing rooms with salon figure pieces and bucolic scenes by members of the Barbizon school. Our own painters such as George Inness and Homer Martin, had to follow French trends, in order to …

The coming storm: American landscape painting and the Civil War

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from The Magazine ANTIQUES, November/December 2012 | The role of the Civil War in redefining America is well known. What is less well understood is the profound way in which the conflict changed American Art. Between 1859, when war was imminent, and the war’s end in 1865 writers and artists created their works surrounded by, and sometimes suffocated by, the impact of …