Curious Objects: One Year in the Books

Benjamin Miller Curious Objects

We’ve arrived at the first anniversary of the podcast and we’ve decided to treat this as an occasion for a little retrospection–this is after all a podcast about antiques–and give you a compilation of some of the more interesting moments from the last year of Curious Objects.

Curious Objects: Wartski expert Katherine Purcell on René Lalique and Poetry in Jewelry

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In the third episode of The Magazine ANTIQUES’ podcast Curious Objects, host Benjamin Miller interviewed Katherine Purcell, principal in the London jewelry firm Wartski. A peerless scholar and an engaging storyteller, Purcell gives us the particulars on a magnificent enameled necklace by René Lalique, the “genius of art nouveau jewelry.”

Parisian jewelry and American patrons, real and fictional

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By SHIRLEY BURY; from The Magazine ANTIQUES, April 1992. The formidable skill of Parisian jewelers in interpreting the work of innovative designers was the prime cause of their international popularity. Although craftsmen elsewhere practiced the late eighteenth-century technique of open-backed, or à jour, setting, which allowed light to refract and reflect through the stones, greatly enhancing their brilliance, the contrast …

The jewelry of René Lalique

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By GEOFFREY C. MUNN; from The Magazine ANTIQUES, June 1987. Even if the word genius was used as sparingly as it should be, the late nineteenth- and early twentieth century jeweler René Lalique would always be so described. Rather than a craftsman with a leaning toward the artistic, he was an accomplished artist who chose to express himself primarily in …