Curious Objects: One Year in the Books

Benjamin Miller Curious Objects

We’ve arrived at the first anniversary of the podcast and we’ve decided to treat this as an occasion for a little retrospection–this is after all a podcast about antiques–and give you a compilation of some of the more interesting moments from the last year of Curious Objects.

Curious Objects: Wartski expert Katherine Purcell on René Lalique and Poetry in Jewelry

Editorial Staff Curious Objects

In the third episode of The Magazine ANTIQUES’ podcast Curious Objects, host Benjamin Miller interviewed Katherine Purcell, principal in the London jewelry firm Wartski. A peerless scholar and an engaging storyteller, Purcell gives us the particulars on a magnificent enameled necklace by René Lalique, the “genius of art nouveau jewelry.”

Superlative finds at the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show

Editorial Staff Art

Wrapping up the 21st annual International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, which closed on Thursday, organizers Brian and Anna Haughton, who recently announced they will host a major new fair—Art Antiques London—in June 2010, reported healthy sales and attendance significantly up from last year.  In the Haughtons’ own words, the fair was a display of “objects of drop-dead beauty, …