Art Deco in the Toddlin’ Town

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Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America, distributed for the Chicago Art Deco Society by Yale University Press, provides an occasion for examining the city’s art deco history. Through five scholarly essays and 101 notable objects and buildings, Art Deco Chicago reevaluates art deco’s and Chicago’s cultural and economic contributions to the United States during the Machine Age.

Celebrating the ‘Decodence’ of the SS Normandie

Editorial Staff Exhibitions

Unlike other major exhibitions of the art deco period, DecoDence: Legendary Interiors and Illustrious Travelers Aboard the SS Normandie, which opens today at the South Street Seaport Museum, isn’t an over-the-top display. Instead, it’s a balanced, and entirely engrossing, collection of furnishings, ephemera, and architectural elements that graced the legendary ocean liner. Among the show’s highlights: photographs that document the …

Inspired by antiques: Art deco candlsticks

Editorial Staff

This week a striking pair of candlesticks that sold last week at Skinner auctions in Boston caught my eye. Here the brilliant amethyst glass has been molded into an art deco rock formation, reminding me of the current vogue for facets in furniture and design.  The natural formation of rock crystal, both angular and irregular, has found translation in everything …