Curious Objects: Stuart Feld’s sage advice for young collectors

Editorial Staff Curious Objects

In the upcoming episode of our new podcast, Curious Objects,  Benjamin Miller interviews Stuart Feld of Hirschl & Adler. The star of the show is a masterfully carved mahogany linen press, but their wide-ranging conversation delves into the crucial role research plays in antiquing, auction trends, and Feld’s own august resume.

Curious Objects: Stuart Feld on how the antiques world has changed with the advent of the internet

Editorial Staff Curious Objects

In the second episode The Magazine ANTIQUES’ podcast Curious Objects, host Benjamin Miller talked to Stuart Feld, head of the New York art and antiques gallery Hirschl & Adler, about the intricate design and involved provenance of an American neoclassical linen press, as well as Feld’s own eminent career. In this excerpt, Feld responds to Miller’s question about how the Internet has affected collectors and buyers. …

Curious Objects: Secret History of a Windsor Chair

Sammy Dalati Curious Objects

Benjamin Miller, host of The Magazine ANTIQUES’ podcast Curious Objects, interviewed Michael Pashby of Michael Pashby Antiques about a Windsor chair with interesting history. Made about 1790 by Gillows, it’s composed primarily of ash and has a sycamore seat.