Magazine January/February 2024


Editor’s Letter

Gregory Cerio

Talking Antiques

Field Notes

The Road to Redemption
Elizabeth Pochoda

Current and Coming

Authors' Query

Scholars seek information on a Cleveland jewelry designer

Object Lesson

Museum Visit

On Books

Book of Hours: A new treatise on the early American polymath David Rittenhouse draws attention to his elegant timepieces
Bob Frishman

Further Reading

Notable museum catalogues and other books from the past year
Sierra Holt


Sierra Holt


An Overdue Roll Call
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: Ives Velocipede, also known as a Toy Perambulator, made by the Ives Manufacturing Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut, c. 1870. Photograph by Julie Soefer.

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Toy Story

Antique playthings are the core of a charming and eclectic Texas collection that also includes important Eastern Woodlands Indian artifacts, nineteenth-century furniture, and folk paintings
Chris Waddington

The Truth-Teller

A current exhibition charts the career of photographer Dorothea Lange, whose work captures the human condition with uncommon candor
Thomas Connors

Looking Both Ways

The New-York Historical Society unveils Kay WalkingStick’s view of Hudson River school landscapes
Elizabeth Pochoda

Edwin Booth’s Curtain Call

Founded as a members’ club for his peers by nineteenth-century America’s greatest actor, The Players has won a reputation for its historical stewardship—and irrepressible bonhomie
Lansing Moore Jr.

“We’re selling it, not renting it”

In this excerpt from a forthcoming memoir, an auction house veteran looks back on his early days in the trade
Robert Brunk

Venice on the Gulf Coast

John and Mable Ringling’s fantasy palazzo in Sarasota is a testament to the romantic power of architecture
James Gardner