Artful Craft at the High Museum

Anna Talley Exhibitions

The exhibition only has sixteen works on view, yet it seems much larger. Each object has such vitality and presence: from a North Carolina quilt across which five stylized coral snakes wriggle, to a mid-nineteenth-century walnut framed pie safe from Tennessee with ebulliently painted and perforated doors, to an 1858 alkaline-glazed stoneware jar made, signed, inscribed, and dated by David Drake, the famed potter of the Edgefield District of South Carolina.

The drama of Delacroix at the Met

Gregory Cerio Exhibitions

Though it’s a distinct handicap when a major retrospective of a great artist is missing one of his best—and certainly best-known—paintings, it says something that the exhibition Delacroix at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York loses little of its force despite the fact that July 28, 1830: Liberty Leading the People stayed home at the Louvre.

At home with Christopher Dresser

Editorial Staff Living with Antiques

Photography by Paul Rocheleau| from The Magazine ANTIQUES, December 2009. | When you visit Janet and Lawrence Larose’s New York dining room, you are surrounded by hundreds of objects designed by Christopher Dresser. They are artfully arranged on a series of shelves: teacups perch on lily-pad saucers; frogs leap around a bowl; butterflies flit across cloisonné skies; and cranes are buffeted …