Revisiting The Art of the Common Man

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The exhibition American Folk Art: The Art of the Common Man in America, 1750–1900 was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from November 30, 1932, through January 14, 1933. Presenting American folk art as part of a continuous artistic tradition reaching back to the eighteenth century, it was the most comprehensive, illuminating display of the subject held up to that time.

For the love of architecture

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Call it cultural vandalism: The case against the Museum of Modern Art’s plan to raze the former building of the American Folk Art Museum designed by Tod Williams and Billie Tsien and completed in 2001. “Tod Williams and Billie Tsien’s new American Folk Art Museum…is not only New York’s greatest museum since Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim was completed in 1959, …

Design and reform: the making of the Bauhaus

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October 2009 | In our time  the name Bauhaus has become a synonym for high modernism, a stand-in for the purist design language of the years between the two world wars and beyond. For many it is now a stylistic descriptor, a sort of shorthand for a specific look, often understood without any temporal attachment or historical meaning. But the …

Recommended this week

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On August 15 & 16 Northeast Auctions will host its annual Marine, China Trade & Sporting Art auction, including English pottery from the collection of Bob Treitelman. See all 1,152 lots here. Peggy Cooper Cafritz spoke to the New York Times about the loss of her African-American and African art collection after her Washington, DC home was destroyed by fire …

Museum attendance for 2008 reported

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The Art Newspaper just released its 2008 rankings for worldwide museum attendance. The top slot went to the Louvre, which held the position last year, with 8.5 million visitors (up from 8.3 million in 2007). The British Museum came in 2nd with 5.93 million (up from its 4th place ranking last year). In the US, the National Gallery of Art …