Women’s work at Hawthorne Fine Art

Gregory Cerio Exhibitions

As the cultural tides seem finally to be lifting women artists into prominence on par with their male counterparts, more and more are emerging into public view. Several museums and galleries are presenting women artist- Hawthorne Fine Art focused shows, and one of these is at Hawthorne Fine Art in New York, where you can find the selling exhibition Breaking All Bounds: American Women Artists (1825–1945).

Traffic-stopping lot to be auctioned at Freeman’s

Editorial Staff

On Monday, April 20 a rare example of New York City history—a model of one of the city’s first traffic lights—will be auctioned at Freeman’s in Philadelphia.  Dating from 1924 it relates to a 1920 design competition for a series of traffic control towers to be installed along Fifth Avenue. Leading architects submitted 130 plans to the competition, which was …