Magazine July/August 2022


On the cover: An arrangement of Shaker boxes in the New York home of Marc Brown and Laurene Krasny Brown. Photography by Ellen McDermott with Bridget Sciales

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Habitat for Humanity

Folk art, self-taught art, and handmade furniture and crafts bring warmth, wit, and a spirit of communal kinshop to the home of Marc Brown, creator of the Arthur children's literature universe, and artist Laurene Krasny Brown

Stacy C. Hollander, with photograph by Ellen McDermott with Bridget Sciales

Early Adopters

An exhibition at the Whitney Museum offers a showcase for both the stars and the less-heralded talents of American art at the advent of modernism

Barbara Haskell

Man about Town

An introduction to the artist Edward Lange, entrepreneurial nineteenth-century painter of Long Island townscapes

Lauren Brincat and Peter Fedoryk

Selections from 100 Years of ANTIQUES Covers

Renaissance Modernist

The Shelburne Museum surveys the art of Luigi Lucioni, a twentieth-century American painter who took his cues from the Italian Old Masters

Thomas Connors

"To Wield the Needle with Advantage"

American schoolgirl academy embroidery in the years 1790 to 1830
Michael R. Payne and Suzanne Rudnick Payne