Homage to Ruskin at Yale

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Ruskin would publish prolifically until his death in 1900, in the fields of art (five volumes of Modern Painters), architecture (The Stones of Venice and The Seven Lamps of Architecture), even a treatise on economics, Unto This Last, from which an encyclopedic exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art, celebrating the bicentennial of the critic’s birth this year, takes its name.

The Yale Center for British Art Reopens

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The Library Court of the Yale Center for British Art, following its recent reinstallation. Photograph by Richard Caspole.     Traditional architecture can age gracefully but nothing is more dispiriting than modernism gone to seed. That may be especially true of Louis Kahn’s work because Kahn hid nothing; it was part of his bravery, and his ethics, to put every …

Clare Leighton’s

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from The Magazine ANTIQUES, January/February 2011 | In 1948 Josiah Wedgwood and Sons commissioned printmaker and author Clare Leighton to make wood engravings for a set of twelve plates depicting New England industries. Leighton was in many ways a perfect choice with strong appeal to audiences in both England and the United States. She had established her reputation in Britain …