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Editor’s Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

Into the Void
Glenn Adamson

Current and Coming

Farther Afield

Tokyo Clothes: An exhibition in London examines
the kimono, past and present
Brian Allen

Object Lesson

All About the Windsor Chair
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

Museum Visit

Parlor Room Talk: In New Orleans, an intact antebellum
decor tells the tales of many lives, free and enslaved
Chris Waddington

Looking Forward

Mutual Monet Admiration: Museums in Boston and
Chicago plan for exhibitions that demonstrate the two
cities’ shared love of the French impressionist
Thomas Connors

Taking Inventory

A Scholarly Appetizer of Scallops: A taste of the research
to be found in the author’s forthcoming catalogue of early
American furniture at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Alexandra A. Kirtley

New Light

Blyth Spirits: More Benjamin Blyth portraits in oils
Bettina A. Norton


At Auction: A Lotta Buatta
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: A selection of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century English majolica oyster plates. All objects are in the collection of Joan Stacke Graham; photographs by Bruce White.

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Cosmopolitan Craftsman

The story of Tiffany’s erudite and imaginative silver designer of the late nineteenth century, Edward C. Moore

Medill Higgins Harvey and Moira Gallagher

Disruption, Sixteenth-Century Style

How the art of El Greco bent every technical rule of Old Masters painting

James Gardner


Artistic Offices

A photo excerpt from the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s new book on the homes of artists takes us into the studios where they worked


Fjord and Function

The influence of Scandinavian design in America will be examined in a forthcoming exhibition making stops in Milwaukee and Los Angeles

Bobbye Tigerman and Monica Obniski


Paper Tiger

Pablo Picasso had unparalleled virtuosity working with the most mundane of artistic mediums

James Gardner


Ceramics Dynamic

Delightful, delirious, and often downright strange, majolica gets a thorough examination in a forthcoming exhibition and its catalogue

Eve M. Kahn