Editor’s Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

Jeepers Creepers
Glenn Adamson

Digital Culture

Shop Talk

Folk Tales, Favorite Finds: Dealers tell stories of their
greatest discoveries, folk art edition
Compiled by Elizabeth Pochoda

Farther Afield

The Young and the Youngs: How a London
gallery promotes a dialogue between historical
and contemporary art
Elizabeth Pochoda

Object Lesson

The Work of Lucy M. Lewis, Acoma Pueblo Potter
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

On Books

Sam Kramer, mid-century Greenwich Village jeweler
Jeannine Falino

Taking Inventory

Lovable Leos: Get to know a pair of winsome pieces
of Pennsylvania pottery at the Met
Katherine Hughes

New Light


New light on the lives of Charleston’s enslaved
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: Detail of The Park Bench by Horace Pippin (1888–1946), 1946. Philadelphia Museum of Art, bequest of Daniel W. Dietrich II.

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Who was the Burpee-Conant Limner?

The authors have identified an anonymous early American folk artist as John Tolman (1777–1863)

Michael R. Payne and Suzanne Rudnick Payne


East Meets West

An exhibition explores the affinities between a pair of American artists whose works have each become iconic representations of a region

Thomas Brent Smith

Stories You Can Wear

All about the genre of narrative jewelry

Bella Neyman


Poison Pen

An exhibition surveys the sinuous, sinister art of Aubrey Beardsley

James Gardner


Snapshots from a Swedish Garden

At his home outside Stockholm, the art of sculptor Carl Milles is on full and glorious display

Melissa Ozawa


Horace Pippin’s New Medium

An excerpt from a new book on the
self-taught African American artist discusses his first painting

Anne Monahan